June 15, 2011

Almost there... Almost!

Well hello there!  Sorry its been so long!  We have been very busy working on our new craft room and taking care of the Ladybug therefore I haven't had much time to write.  But, never fear because the room is finished... well almost! 

We have flooring, we have paint on the walls, we have furniture and accessories in the room... however, its just not quite ready for its full reveal yet.  I do have a few projects that I want to show you later this week. However, for now I will leave you with a few sneak peek pics of my fabulous new craft room!  I am so totally excited about how this room turned out it is not even funny!

Ruffled Lamp Shade :-)

Some Fun and Fancy Storage :-)

Annnnd my lovely 50+ year old sewing machines on their new table...

I can not wait to get all the finishing touches put on the room so I can share the ALL with you!  When I get to that post it is going to VERY picture heavy... prepare yourselves!


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