June 7, 2011

Beacause Its The Cool Thing To Do...

What is that ultra, super, fantastic, cool thing you might ask?   The answer: Thrifting...  basically buying someone else's junk that they didn't want anymore to spruce up your house and make it look beautiful.  Of course, us thrifters do not think of it as junk in any way shape or form.  To us the items in the thrift stores are treasures that are waiting to be turned into something fabulous!

Well, at the end of last week I had an opportunity to pack my Little Ladybug up in the stroller and hit some of my favorite thrift stores.  Okay, on Friday we used the stroller... Saturday it was the car... details, details... On Friday we went to Hope's Outlet.  Now, in this store you have to search... they have a lot of genuine junk... but there are also some gems hidden among the junk.  You just have to keep your eyes and mind open.  While there I spend a whole $5.65 and came home with: two cake pans for my cake pan tower, a lamp that came with the lampshade annnnd a light bulb, and a roll of fabric to add ruffles to the shade!  Talk about a good deal!    Then, on Saturday we hit up the Re-store!  Gotta love your local Re-store!  We purchased a GIANT rug for the basement for only $30... let me tell you this rug is amazingly wonderful and soft and comfy!  We also got a cabinet that will be going on the wall for storage and a few candle sticks for cake pan tower.  I could have bought a whole lot more in that store... but I have to leave something for the other people, right?

Here are some pictures of my treasures... most of them are pics of the treasure ready to be painted... because yes, they alllllll needed repainting, except the rug of course... it did not need painting!

And proof of its amazing $7 price...

Candlesticks and lamp

Sorry, I don't have pics of the cake pans, lamp shade, or rug yet... but they will come soon.  Keep in mind what these little gems looked like now, as the next time you see them they will be forever changed!

Off to enjoy some Lake Michigan sun downtown and by the boardwalk... have a great summer day!


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