February 7, 2011

$3.25 Kitchen Refresh

I had a busy Saturday this past weekend! Not only did I make Rainbowlicious pancakes for my little family, but, I also painted all my kitchen cabinets and did a kitchen refresh for $3.25.  Yep, you read that right... $3.25!!! Thank you very much to the Grand Haven Habitat for Humanity Restore! :-) 

Here is what our kitchen started as when we moved in a year and a half ago...


Please be kind to my dirty dishes in the sink... our dishwasher was and still is broke!

Now, just after these pics were taken we painted the kitchen... yay!   And it looked oh so very much better... see...

Ahhhh... muuuch better!  We loved how warm the room felt after painting it!  However, I did not like the holes in the middle of the cabinets where some idiot goofball had put the hardware... geesh!  So we put on new hardware and covered the holes with the wood pieces you see here.  A good temporary fix...

However, this weekend I got sick of it!  I was sick of the icky looking cabinets and the wood pieces that didn't match and decided it was time to take some action!  I have been thinking about what I wanted to do to the cabinets since before we moved in... and have looked at blogs, magazines, and books for inspiration... so I knew what look I was going for.  Before I could start we took a trip to the restore and got some supplies... a light switch cover, some fun mesh metal, and a paintbrush.

I used paint we already had (the trim color we have used all over the house) to paint my cabinets.  I simply gave them a light sanding... very light... probably too light but I was too excited to worry about propriety!  Then I washed them down and once they were dry I took my paint and paint brush and got to work.  I simply drybrushed each cabinet.  After the first cabinet I got very scared... and almost lost my nerve... but really there was no going back.  So, I kept going and this is how it turned out....

Please ignore the still wintery stuff I need to put away... I know!

Now I mentioned metal mesh.  Well, the metal mesh was for where we took out the fake drawer fronts in front of the sink... see... I love this little detail... :-)

Overall, I really loved how it turned out!! I know that I still need to change up the counter top somehow and that I need a window treatment.... buuut what do you think??? Do you like it???



  1. I painted my kitchen cabinets last month too. It's amazing how much brighter your kitchen looks now, much better!

  2. Looks Amazing.. You did a wonderful Job- Love the white-
    happy to of found your darling blog-
    a new follower as well

  3. Found you via the Lettered Cottage. So impressed with your budget-savvy makeover!

  4. Thank you so much! I am in love with the cabients and the fact that it only took me one afternoon to complete! :-)

  5. Nice! We are going to paint our kitchen and have been looking at different browns, what color did you use? ~April

  6. I can not remember off the top of my head. I will have to look and let you know! :-) I do know that it was a Bhear color we got made in Glidden paint.