June 20, 2011

Leaving, but not on a jet plane

Today I leave with my Little Ladybug and my mom to go down to Missouri to visit my grandparents.  They live in Branson.  From here it is about a 14 hour trip (give or take a little).  14 hours in a car with a ONE year old. We do split the trip into two parts... but that is still two 7 hour days of driving with a one year old.  This should be an adventure!  Its a darn good thing that she likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that we have two Mickey dvds, and that my mom's van has a dvd player... thank you God for small things like that!

I am going to miss my hubby dearly!   Please pray that he stays safe while we are away... and that he doesn't have toooooo much fun getting to sleep soundly all night long for a week. Hehehe...

I am sorry that I haven't gotten more pics of the craft room up yet.  I desperately want to, but have been sooooooo busy lately that I haven't gotten to put the finishing touches on the room.  I am hoping to get some red fabric from my grandma's stash to use for some more of the details. Then when I am back I will show you the pics... pinky promise!

Have a great Monday everyone!

P.S... I have a new FABULOUS recipe to share with you later this week... don't let me forget!


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