September 12, 2011

A Polka Dot and Owl Day

I am finally done!  It has been a whirl wind two and a half weeks but my classroom is done and now inhabited by preschoolers.  It was a ton and a half of hard work but I enjoyed every minute of it {aside from the having to leave my baby girl and getting super sick part}!

When I started with my blank slate classroom I was not sure what I wanted to make it.  I knew that I wanted it to be something that would be fun for the kiddos but also something that I would enjoy coming to each day.  I think I achieved my goal! 

I love polka dots so I wanted to somehow incorporate polka dots into my room.  At first I started with the idea of "camp polka dot"  but it proved to be too much work for the short amount of time I had in which to get my classroom ready.  Sooooooo I decided to simply go with polka dots.  However, owls somehow flew onto the scene and I am so glad they did!  My classroom newsletter (which I wish I could show you!) incorporates the polka dots and owls perfectly as do other elements in my room.  I believe they go together kinda like peanut butter and jelly!

Soooo without further babbling from me... I hope you have a "hoot" looking at the pictures of my classroom!

The kiddos will each color an owl to add to the tree... so excited to have them all up there!

I got this chair for $2.99 at Hope's Outlet.  I painted it and then added a new seat that I covered.  I love my new chair!

Polka Dot Spots.  I made these for the kiddos to sit on at circle time.  I put them out before the kiddos get there and then when we are done with circle time they put them away.

Classroom libarary

.79 cent picture frames that I spray painted!  I love how they look on my bulletin board!

Curtains made out of twin sheets.

Polka Dots the kiddos use to sign in when they get to school.  I can't believe I forgot a picture of my mailboxes and sign in area... they are so darn cute!  I will have to add a pic later! :-)

Paint chip calendar

My aqua ruffle lamp!  I love re-making things I get for super duper cheap!  It was $2.99 at Hope's Outlet...

How I organize my lesson papers for each day of the week.  This way I can easily pre-plan!

My desk area

This will be used as my portfolio holder later in the school year.

Coral and Lime Fabric - twin sheets from Wal-mart
Ruffle lamp - made my me
Polka dot border - made using a circle die cut and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby
Aqua and Lime crates - Target
Aqua caddies - Dollar Tree
Audrey Hepburn quote - made by me
Ribbon - Hobby Lobby
Polka dot pillow - Made by me using fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Pink Adirondack chairs - Meijer
Paint chip calendar - made my me
Picture frames - Hope's outlet
Lime and white polka dot boxes - Dollar Tree


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