May 13, 2011

A Project (and a half...)

Well, it has been quite awhile since I last posted and many things have been happening around our little home!   First off, thank you to all who were praying for Kayla.  She has been found and is now in a safe place.  I can not give many details, but, she has a long road ahead of her and continued prayer would be appreciated.

My handsome hubby had a birthday last week.  He turned 30!  I can now officially call him my handsome old man... cuz man is he old!  ;-)  Just  kidding... completely!  I will be there in no time at all... *sigh*

Also, I started working on our basement. Otherwise known as the furniture grave yard.  It is the place where furniture (and other assorted items) go when they are no longer needed in the main floors of our little home... I would love if I could write cottage... hmmm... maybe my home could be considered a cottage.... hmmmm....   ANY-ways... the furntiure grave yard is going to be transformed over the summer into our "adult playroom"  Yes... that sounds bad... or maybe its just me :-P  But it will be an area for my sewing and crafting and for my hubby's computer and for watching Netflix.  Right now this area of our home is located in what used to be the master bedroom.  We moved upstairs when our Little Ladybug was big enough to start getting into the drawers of my sewing desk.  It was definitley a needed move.  We love having the space to do big people things.  I also love that I can leave unfinished projects out and not worry about the mess because it is a room that most people do not see... yay!

Why are we re-locating to the basement?  Well the answer is simple... someday (no not soon!) we will need the bedroom space again and we think it is better to get a jump on the someday now rather than when it comes.... make sense?

So... these are my official before pictures.  Please don't run away in fright like I sometimes want to do when I enter the basement.  I have grand plans for this area that I will tell you about later... but for now... just look at the mess we have to start with!!! YIKES!

View from the stairs

Another view from the stairs

View from opposite side of the room

Now, I realize we have a lot more cleaning and de-junking to do... buuuut any suggestions as to how to make this space creative and inviting on a budget of just about $0??? Oh its going to be a challenge!!!

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