April 27, 2011


Hi all!   This post is not going to be a fun post, but it is one that I would love for you to read.  I will try to keep it short. 

My family would love all of your prayers right now... we need your prayers right now.  Specifically my Uncle and Aunt.  They are from Tulsa Ok and their 17 year old daughter has gone missing!  I feel like it is all a horrible nightmare and we will all wake up and it will be fine.  However, so far that hasn't happened so it must be for real. 

Her name is Kayla Taylor.  She is a beautiful girl who from the few times I have met her is full of life and spunk! Kayla is supposed to be graduating in just a few short weeks, but instead no one has seen her since Friday.  Her phone is turned off and there really are not many leads as to what has happened to her.  The police listed her as a runaway and therefore are not doing much.   We don't really believe that to be true. 

This is Kayla and I at my wedding 5 years ago.

This whole situation is breaking my heart... and I can not even imagine how my uncle, aunt, and other cousins must be feeling.  I am praying constantly and desperatly for God to work a miracle and bring Kayla home safe and sound. 

If you could join me in praying and also in spreading the word we would be greatful beyond words!  We know that the more we spread the word and Kayla's name and picture the better the chances are of finding her. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!