January 17, 2011

My Baby Girl

My baby girl is slowly turning into a big girl before my eyes.  She just turned 10 months on Saturday and I can not believe how the time has flown by!   I know that everyone says that time will fly and to enjoy it while she is little etc... BUT you don't realize how fast its going till you are the one looking in the window of you little one's life and suddenly they aren't so little anymore.

I am always amazed when I sit and watch her and the many different things she has learned and can do.  She went from being this helpless little peanut to someone who is becoming very independent and knows what she wants.  Her movements astound me!  She moves very fluidly now... she can move from standing by a table to sitting without trouble.  She can move from sitting on her bottom to sitting on her knees like a pro.  And her smiles... oh her smiles... they melt my heart and bring me joy every single time! I love her curiousness and her spunk.  I love how much she loves to eat her food and how she spits her paci right out when she sees her bottle coming.

Overall, I am in love with my baby girl and just amazed and in awe of her!

Sometimes, I wish I could have a video of every day of her life so that I can remember every single moment of her so far short little life.  However, I know that is not possible.  Therefore, I will settle for all of the pictures we have taken (thousands of them!) and love and the snuggles that have made memories with my little munchkin.  She will soon be one and I know I will cry (good tears of course)... because my baby won't be a baby anymore. 

March 2010

January 2011
Her headband fell off... hence the crazy hair... but just look at that smile!


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