August 3, 2011

Claw Foot Tub Woes...

We a blessed to have a claw foot tub! 
We are cursed to have a claw foot tub! 

Blessed because I love its charm... cursed because its the only tub/shower in our little cottage home!

First off I think I would like my tub better if it had been properly re-glazed when we bought the house... however, it was N-O-T!!!  Because it was not, the finish is peeling and makes the tub incredibly hard to clean... ick! 

The other reason I am not crazy about it is because of the shower curtain that is necessary for a claw foot tub.  Basically we have to have two curtains to go around the whole tub and when in the shower they attack you... hmmm....

This is somewhat of what our tub looked like when we moved into our home.  We have changed the opening to the other end of the tub as it is more practical than trying to get in at the slanty part of the tub and the tub no longer looks that good... as I said the finish has chipped off and I am embarrassed to let ANYONE see my tub!  But, the main point of this pic is the shower curtain... I am wondering if we could go from this...

To this pic I found via Pinterest...
Originally found at: Desire to Inspire

I'm trying to figure out in my mind the logistics of how it would work... but I think I would love it...hmm... dang claw foot tub and its cool not so coolness!


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