April 13, 2011

Spring break and a Successful Sewing Project

Well,  last week was spring break.  Did I go somewhere fabulous?  Did I get a tan?  Did I get to see Mickey Mouse?  The answer to all of the above is NOPE... not this year.  Hooooopefully the answer to all of the above will be yes next year ;-).  However, this year it was a year to stay home in good old Michigan and spend some quality time with my Little Ladybug... we even got to go to the park since spring actually started to show itself around here!

Here are a few photos to re-cap the week :-)

Playing with Balloons

Picture taking for Auntie Em's birthday

Diaper Sewing

Sundress sewing - in hopes of warmer tomorrows! :-)

Making messes!

Swinging at the park

Piggy Tails

First spring flowers

Fun at the park

She LOVED the slide!

We had a good spring break together!

And a cute one with Daddy for good measure :-)

Now for my successful sewing project.  I have had an urge lately to start running again.  I haven't really been running since the summer before my husband and I got married, almost 5 years now!  And I don't really have any running gear. Soooo my wonderful hubby said I can get some workout clothes (yay for shopping... altho honestly its just a pair of pants) and I decided that I also need an armband for my mp3 player/phone.  I looked online for a good tutorial for an mp3 player armband and came up empty.  However, I did find this awesome tutorial for an ipod case.  I measured my phone and it seemed to be the same size as the ipod soooo I gave it a shot. 

The only thing in the directions that I changed was to add elastic to make the case into an armband annnd instead of using velcro I used snaps put on with my AWESOME new snap pliers that I bought from Kamsnaps.  To add the elastic I simply cut 1 1/2 inch elastic that was long enough to go around my arm.  Then I sewed it into the seam of the outside fabric.  I did so in a way that when I turned it right side out the elastic would be on the right side so it could go around my arm... make sense?

Here are a few pics of the finished product.... let me know what you think! :-)



Unsnapped... I added a few different snaps to make it adjustable

Annnd so you can see what it looks like on my nice model... meet candle ;-)

So, what do you think?  It was an awesome easy project that anyone can do!

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