February 6, 2011


Yesterday was a yummy morning!  I was actually kind of excited to get out of bed.  The reason was all because of these lovely little things:


They were so gosh darn yummy!  You really should try to make some.  I used the recipe from The Idea Room.  To make the rainbow simpy pour the pancake batter into different bowls and add food coloring.  I will tell you that the more food coloring you add to make your colors more intense the better the color will show up when you cook your pancakes.   It was so much fun to make rainbow pancakes... it made a snowy blah morning very exciting! I just couldn't believe that I had not thought of this before... I mean, duh!  Even our little Ladybug enjoyed her rainbowliciousness...

The only suggestion I have for you in regards to the recipe from the idea room is to add a little bit of vanilla to the pancakes... it will make them super yummy! 

Enjoy your rainbowliciousness! :-)



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