February 14, 2011


Well, today is Valentine's day!  Today is a day that some people hate and some people love.  I of course fall into the category of people who love Valentine's day.  It is a day to celebrate love and the people that you love.  However, when I put it that way, it makes me think... isn't every day a day like that.  Or at least shouldn't every day be a day like that?

On this Valentine's day I want to say I love you to my sweetie who, 5 years ago today took me to the beach and asked me to be his forever!  Happy Valentine's day baby... I love you very much!!!

In other news  (sort of)... I made the cutest Valentine's day outfit for my little ladybug to wear today.  I will post a pic of it and a quick how to later this week.... so make sure you stay tuned!

Happy Hearts Day to you!!! 


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